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In Via del Corso, next to the entrance of Asso’s Place, on the facade of Palazzo Portinari,  you will easily see 2 verses of the Divine Comedy’s  Purgatory engraved on a marble plaque.

It’s the scene when Dante is finally in Paradise and Beatrice makes her first appearance in the Poem. Beatrice is the lady Dante has been in love with  all his life and he turns around to speak to Virgilio, only to find out that he, having completed his task, has disappeared.

The verses are :

sovra candido vel cinta d’oliva, donna m’apparve, sotto verde manto vestita di color di fiamma viva.

And in English :

over her snow-white veil with olive cinct appeared a lady under a green mantle, vested in colour of the living flame.

Purgatorio, XXX ,31-33

These words are on the building of Beatrice’s family and when you take a walk from Asso’s Place this is the first discovery. It is at a distance of 10 meters from the apartment.

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